Silence Speaks

Come to the silence and you will find rest.  I remember when I began my meditation practice of Centering Prayer how seemingly overwhelmed I was by my thoughts.  The constant stream of life concerns and random thoughts flowing through my awareness made it hard to drop into silence .  I wondered whether my practice would always feel like this, and if so, would I want to continue.  This journey into the sea of oneness is unique to us all, yet there are some common experiences we may share.  It is my hope that if you persist in your practice you will one day find yourself sinking gently into the space where “silence is louder than thought “…. a place where thoughts gently float carelessly by as slow moving clouds allowing you to better hear the ever deepening silence.  This shift occurred for me after three months of practice (20 minutes a day) and has forever changed my meditation experience.  I hope this becomes an experience we can share along the path of surrender.  Peace to you this day!

Reflection: When have you found Silence louder than your thoughts?

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