May I free the captives in my heartThose whom I’ve imprisonedBecause they hurt me…scare me… or don’t look like meMay
Star Dust and Divine DNA   Silence Peering into the Great Silence A Divine Silence The Alpha Omega silence I
The One We’ve All Been Given May Divine mercy shine upon you as you rise May the darkness of night
from my morning walk June 10, 2020
May I free the captives in my heart Those whom I’ve imprisoned Because they hurt me…scare me… or don’t look
A reflection on the wisdom of spiritual nourishment.
Called Up Drifting amid the great Self vision tainted by the echoes of a false life of questions called up
May God bring light upon your soul each morning when you rise. May it wash away the heaviness of eve.
But I forget. I forget who I am. Krishna, help! How do I maintain the fragile connection with this Truth?”
I opened my heart today! (more)
Come to the silence and you will find rest.  I remember when I began my meditation practice of Centering Prayer
Digital Collage - Edward Babcock 2012