Surrender Your Life’s Work to God

But I forget. I forget who I am. Krishna, help! How do I maintain the fragile connection with this Truth?” Now Krishna gives him the keystone: “Arjuna, that is why I have given you your dharma,” he says . “Your dharma is your way of staying connected with your True Nature. It is the particular way in which you can devote your life to the welfare of all beings. Your dharma is your very own way of expressing theTruth. Your dharma is the one place where you can penetrate the fleeting world of form. Where you can live as I live, fully connected with the whole world of mind and matter. Where you can live in the sure knowledge that you are not the Doer, but only a vehicle of the great Doer.” Krishna reiterates his earlier teaching: Know your dharma. Do it with all your passion. Let go of the fruits. And now he adds a fourth and final teaching: And turn it over to me. Surrender the whole process to me. Surrender your life’s work to God—to the divine within you, and to the divine within all beings. In this way your forgetfulness and delusion will slowly disappear. From “The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling” by Stephen Cope