Love’s Little Sister – Kindness

Have you ever pondered what ministry God has for you?  I have pondered this over time and have been privy to like conversations with friends. Recently Love’s little sister “Kindness” unveiled herself and stepped from the shadows into the light.  Yes, Love’s little sister… Kindness.  Kindness may very well be the simplest, most fundamental, and available Christian ministry we can practice. Our little sister of Love helps fulfill Jesus’ admonition to love and care for our neighbors.  When our lives touch another, may we honor others with an open heart… seeing them through the loving eyes of Jesus.   May we welcome all with compassion, equanimity, and love.  Kindness may take the form of a simple gesture… a smile, a kind look, a courtesy act, or a well wish.  Simple acts… Acts of kindness cost nothing, require no training, can be done anywhere, any time, and with anyone and are drawn from and replenished by God’s unlimited fount of loving water.  We find the more love that we share, the more love there is to share. I refer to this as Divine Alchemy.

I embrace a Zen-like notion that acts of loving kindness create endless ripples of love just as pebbles create seemingly endless ripples when breaking the surface of water. Immense joy fills me while imagining loving kindness ripples endlessly echoing love throughout our universe. 

I invite you to consider adopting a ministry of “Kindness”, by partnering with Love’s little sister. Remember… Kindness Matters!

Make some ripples today!