Give Yourself not into Fear

May God bring light upon your soul
each morning when you rise.
May it wash away the heaviness of eve.
May the light of day bring ever more light
To illumine your steps.

As you sit in silence and consent
May your mantra be, “All will be well”.
May the many prayers you have prayed
be honored for their intent.

May you stay connected to your source
and those you are blessed to know.
May you hold those who fear
and those without Hope
Close to your heart.

May you become what you long for others to be
…the first to reach out in Love.
You are blessed, blessed by what you have been given
through grace unmerited.
May you freely share what has been freely given…
Love, compassion, and comfort.

May you open your heart more fully this day.
May the light of Christ dispel all darkness
and reassure and comfort you in these uncertain times.

May you give yourself not into fear
but into the Love of God!
Be blessed this day and all of your days!